Italian Poster Rock Art Expo 2012

Limited Edition of 50 copies.
Signed and Numbered.
2 colors (with metallic silver) on heavy black paper.
50×70 cm

The Italian Poster Rock Art Expo 2012 has been the first meeting of italian poster artists in the lovely venue of Santa Croce Sull’Arno.
For this special occasion, the IPRA crew asked every artist to create a celebrative poster.
Our one was selected to be printed in a live demostration of the screenprint tecnique.. we’re very proud lots of people had their first experience printing it! So we printed “our” version full size and in a variant color, with metallic silver and turquoise.
We aimed to underline how, for us, the screenprinted poster art is a modern form of alchemy, where papers and colors are the ingredients for magic transmutations of matter!